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1/2 Hour Ride

Adults $30 / $25 Children aged 2-12 (tax not included) 
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Our 30 minute tour is more of a fun and scenic ride. It’s the perfect trip to take during the heat of the day to cool off! Chances of seeing alligators are slim on this tour due to the time restraint. You still have an idyllic and enjoyable ride with great scenery and may have the chance of a dolphin encounter and observing our native birds here in Florida. Oh, and let’s not forget about the couple of 180 spins.

1 Hour Ride

Adults $48 / $35 Children aged 2-12 (tax not included)
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This is our most popular day-time trip. You have more time to get to our bigger creeks which are further away. One of these creeks is home to some baby alligators who love to bask in the sun during the day with their mother, who isn’t too far away keeping a close eye out. If we do not make it to one of our creeks, we skim & slide across just inches of water through the marshes out in our bay. While speeding through the labyrinth of needle rush grasses, we always stumble upon old sunken boats.

“Ultimate” Night Ride (60 min.)

Adults $64 / $47 Children aged 2-12 (tax not included)
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This is the best tour that we offer. During our busy season it can book up days and even weeks in advance. This trip is an hour long after dark. You leave the dock a few minutes after the sun has had plenty of time to set. Once you depart on the airboat, your captain and crew use their spotlights to shine the “red eyes” of the alligators, as this is their time to be on the hunt it is the best time to find them. It’s a whole other world after dark and an experience you’re not soon to forget. Call to check departure time and hold your seat because this one fills up quick!

 **Children under the age of 2 are not permitted to ride on any trips. We cannot guarantee you see any wildlife**


Cancellation Policy – Customer must cancel reservations at least 24 hours prior to time scheduled or will be charged a minimum of $10 per person or full price of tour depending on the circumstances.

Airboat Riding Policy – Children 2 -12 years. Child must be capable of sitting up unassisted as no carriers are permitted. No persons with serious medical issues to be permitted (ex. back injuries, neck injuries, late term pregnancy, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do I have to make reservations?

Yes! However we do suggest you make reservations early! When we can get you out depends on how large your party is and what day and trip you were looking at going on. We suggest reserving days in advance for larger parties so you can get the spot and time that works best for you. But you can take the chance on the day and call and see if we have room still available.

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Will I have to sign a liability waiver?

Not unless you have had recent back injuries, neck issues, late term pregnancy, or serious medical issues.

How many people fit on the airboat?

Our boats hold up to 16 passengers. We have 3 airboats that each hold 16 people each, so do not worry if you have a larger family or group. We can split your party up into multiple boats and depart at the same time so you all arrive back at the same time.

What happens if it rains?

Safety is our #1 concern. That being said, we will run trips in a light mist if all parties are okay with it. It is only if the conditions are dangerous, such as if it is downpouring and thunder and lightning are present, that the trip would be canceled. If the trip is canceled you will be able to reschedule your tour. If you are unable to reschedule and you did not get any of your trip in, a 100% refund will be given. The captains try and make a decision up to 30 minutes before the start of the trip.

Are children allowed under 2?

NO! There is a restriction on children’s ages that are permitted to ride. They have to be at least 2 years of age to ride but please know that children will need to be able to sit in bench-style seats right next to their parents. They are not allowed to sit in parents laps due to it putting their faces too close to the protective railing. Parents are responsible for determining whether the tour is safe for their child. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Where will we go? What will we see?

We are connected to the intercoastal waterway and the Gulf of Mexico, so we are considered brackish water due to all the fresh water flowing in from the creeks and runoffs surrounding us. What you will see depends on where we are in the bay. We have fresh and salt water marine life. We’ve seen dolphins, alligators, sharks, manatees, snakes, stingrays, crabs, jellyfish, turtles, catfish, bass, alligator gars, etc., and let’s not forget deer, wild hogs, bears, bald eagles, osprey, herons, egrets, and even Big Foot!

Are we going to see any wildlife?

Because these are wild animals, we cannot guarantee you see anything. The captain will do his/her best to show you as much wildlife as possible but they are not on our payroll!

Can we feed the wildlife?

No! You are not allowed to feed wildlife. It is against the law!

Can I bring my camera?

Yes! You never know what you are going to see!

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably. We recommend wearing sun protection. We do not recommend you wear hats and dress up fancy. Sunscreen with bug spray is also recommended. If you have long hair tie it back into a braid or a bun.

Will I get wet on the tour?

Getting wet (and muddy) is always a possibility.

What's an airboat? How fast does it go?

An airboat is a flat hulled boat with bench-style seating. Our boats are 10 ft wide and 25 ft long. A propeller in the back serves as the engine and rudder for steering. There is nothing in the water that runs it or steers it; it’s all located above water on the back of the boat. We cruise between speeds of 30-40mph, and although the boat has the capacity to travel much faster, we maintain a safe speed during the ride.

Is ear protection required?

YES! Provided for all passengers.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

The boat itself is not wheelchair accessible but our facility is.

Is alcohol allowed on the tour?

Yes. The Captain has the right to deny services to passengers.

Do you offer private airboat tours?

Yes! If you are interested in a private airboat ride, please call us for pricing and times.

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